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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dark Days #3- The Cop Out

This post should be titled "The Lame Ass Cook That Made a Really Great Meal Only Because The Ingredients Were Fabulous."

Like I have said previously, apologetically, my culinary creativity is in the dumps this week. I have no idea what is wrong with me. Maybe all of my energy is going into my resolutions or whatever or maybe I'm just off this week. Whatever it is, I made a really good dinner with 3 simple yet wonderful, local ingredients.
  •  Duck Eggs from Broad River Pastures in Elberton, GA-
  • Calamata Sunshine Cheese, artisinal gouda with calamata olives from Greendale Farms in Madison, GA-
  • Buttermilk from Johnston Family Farm in Newborn, GA (their milk rocks)


    1. ummm this looks sooo good. is it an omelet? if so i hate them but would totally eat this!

    2. I'm impressed at your dedication to cooking local, WITH KIDS TO FEED.

    3. I love the Johnson milk, so much better than store bought. Will you be ordering weekly? Maybe we can work out a deal driving?

    4. Oh, thank you, Aunt Bee for sharing this. This is one of our default dinners, as well! Only we use the Johnston's 40% cream and whatever Greendale or Nature's Harmony cheese we may have on hand. Of course, the Broad River Pastures duck eggs from our backyard hens are always a given. Now that the Orpington and Wyandotte hens are laying, I guess we might have an occasional chicken egg omelet. So nice that you can get all of these local ingredients and more with only one trip to Ben's Bikes and a few minutes at the Athens Locally Grown website!

    5. Hi! I got some local duck eggs recently (first time) and I have to admit, I was not a fan! Do you find there is a big difference between chicken and duck eggs? Maybe I was just being picky, but I did not like the texture :-)

    6. @Lara- I really didnt think there was that big of a difference in texture. They were very fluffy and had large yolks. Maybe you aren't a fan of the yolk.