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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cranberry Preserves

One day I posted "I really do not think it is normal to dream about making jam." as my status on Facebook. The answer I got: "Not for you."

Here is the one I dreamed up (literally):

Cranberry Preserves
6 cups fresh cranberries
2 cups cranberry juice (Alton says water brings nothing to the party)
1 lemon- chopped very fine with rind
1 small orange- chopped very fine with rind
3 cups sugar
1 cup dried cranberries

Put all ingredients except for dried cranberries in a nonreactive pot. Cook on medium low for 20 minutes. Add dried cranberries, cook another 20 minutes on low stirring constantly. Pour in sterilized jars, process 20 minutes.


  1. How was it? I am actually going to finally do something with my cranberries tomorrow. I've been slacking in the canning dept and froze my cranberries. So I finally am going to do something with them!

  2. It turned out great. A little firm but my family of canned cranberry sauce lovers liked it a lot at Thanksgiving.