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Friday, June 4, 2010

My Favorite Uni-tasker

I was reading Tightwad's latest post and it made me think about my favorite uni-tasker. For those of you that know and love Alton Brown you know what a uni-tasker is. It is a kitchen gadget that serves one purpose and none other. I have purchased a few uni-taskers and have later put them in the donation pile or pawned them off on some one else. One such item was the Pampered Chef Avocado peeler. It really does nothing all that significant, even for the avocado. I still keep it around for getting muffins out of the tin (still just one task even if it is a different one).

Last fall my father-in-law brought me 3 pecks of local apples. I was thrilled. I cut and sliced and peeled all of those lovely apples to make pie filling, apple butter, etc. Then the next weekend he brought me another 2 pecks AND The Apple Master. I had seen these things before and had previously assumed it was a superfluous device. I was completely mistaken. This machine peels, cores, and spiral slices a whole apple in just a few cranks. The kids were mesmerized and immediately craving apples sliced in a spiral. My oldest was so taken with it that every time some one came over he had to show them The Apple Master.

It may be a uni-tasker but I love it and you can have one of your very own from William Sonoma, Amazon or Ebay.


  1. Hi Aunt Bee's Garden... love the Apple Master. And now I dislike the unitasker (except my apple corer thingey). The avocado peeler does sound a little one track. Think the Apple Master sounds quite sophisticated! Have a very ambitious apple tree that seems to never stop producing and made about 20 litres of apple sauce last year. Now I've seen this post, I have gadget envy!

  2. I used to have one, but you could also peel potatoes with it!There was an adjustment so it didn't core the potatoes. We used to live in apple country and bought one at the apple blossom fair.
    It didn't make the move with me, apples are imported where I now live. But when I had one I used it a lot.

  3. That is so cool! I can't belive they still make those.

  4. @Theresa- mine will do potatoes too but i keep forgetting to give it a try. I had thought about slicing them with it and then frying to make curly q fries. Thanks for the reminder.